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Best marriage advice ever – Ritz-Carlton, Abu Dhabi Wedding Speech

Wedding Speech Video at The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal

Ola and Chi received the best marriage advice – beautiful, touching and funny! This couple travelled from UK to the beautiful Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi to celebrate their wedding with their closest families and friends.

The inspiring wedding speech (Video Captions below)

I was told I have to do this, I have to give some words of wisdom from my 0.6 years of marriage. 0.5. So I’m gonna give you three points. They’re very radical. The first point is, I think I’ll say be naive. Everyone is looking at me, naive is not a good word. I say naïve in the terms of always assume Ola is coming from a good place, always assume Chi is coming from a good place. The second advice is, I think always love even when it hurts.

In the Bible, I don’t recollect any passage where it says you need to teach your wife or you need to teach your husband. No. It says love. The reason why I say that is, you’re gonna get into situations where you feel like, this time I need to show her that next time she shouldn’t do this or next time he shouldn’t do this. And I’m saying you can communicate it, but it’s your job to love not teach.

And the third thing is, I think and I’m hoping that everyone would get into this spirit, it’s not that serious. It’s really not that serious. If you find yourselves arguing or if you find yourselves winning the argument, you’re probably the loser. [laughter] Quite frankly. In light of, it’s not as serious, I think enjoy yourselves, just have fun, enjoy the marriage, go out to restaurants or come to Abu Dhabi Ritz, if you can’t afford this place, go and sort garri and ground nuts. [laughter] But just make sure you’re enjoying yourselves. So thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. I think I hope you enjoy yourselves today. Thank you.

Ritz-Carlton, Abu Dhabi Grand Canal Perfect Wedding Venue

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