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Abu Dhabi Wedding – Saadiyat Beach Club – Fares & Charlotte

Saadiyat Beach Club Abu Dhabi Wedding Videography

Charlotte & Fares’ Splendid Wedding at Saadiyat Beach Club, Abu Dhabi.

Charlotte and Fares’ wedding celebration was a splendid and beautiful affair, filled with love, laughter and joy.

We, in Morning Jacket Films, were overjoyed when this lovely and indulgent couple decided to avail our services as a wedding videographer. It was also lovely to work alongside their photographers Lizelle and Claire from Lizelle Goussard Photography. Over the span of our career as a destination wedding videographer Dubai, we have had the pleasure of attending some beautiful weddings, experiencing the warmth of various cultures, and most importantly, being inspired by the bond of couples such as Charlotte and Fares.

Splendid Saadiyat Beach Club Abu Dhabi Wedding

The wedding was a magnificent affair that took place at the Saadiyat Beach Club, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Certainly, the location provided the perfect blend of classic grandeur, and the night was a whirlwind of fun, with the groom and bride swaying away on the dance floor, alongside their merry guests. It was also one of the perfect locations for a wedding videographer.

The glorious celebration began with the bride and groom making a grand entrance, accompanied by their male friends, and a group of singers and drummers filling up the place with rippling music. They danced through to where Charlotte’s father was waiting, for him to give away her daughter as done in tradition.

Subsequently, the bride and groom walked together to the dance floor, where they were greeted and joined by their guests in dancing.

Wedding Videography in Saadiyat Beach Club

Saadiyat Beach Club offered the jubilant couple a romantic venue, and thanks to the graciousness of Mother Nature, the windy weather provided a chilly serenity to capture some picturesque moments in the video.

For a wedding videographer, the location and weather conditions couldn’t possibly be more ideal, considering the climate of the Middle East.

Beautiful Portrait Sessions

The romantic chemistry of the bride and groom has been captured so vividly and beautifully, one can experience the preciousness of their bond in their movements.

To sum up, Charlotte and Fares are one of the rare couples- that enjoy intimacy and companionship with relaxed comfort. It was an utter joy to cover their fun portrait sessions and the whole wedding celebrations.

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Saadiyat Beach Club Abu Dhabi Wedding Videographer – Morning Jacket Films. We tell love stories and we’d appreciate the opportunity to tell yours. We’re a team specializing in wedding videography in Dubai, and we’ve perfected the art of capturing the emotions at weddings on film. We’ve worked on weddings for British, European, Middle Eastern, New Zealand, Asian, African, and multi-national couples. We’re not simply going to film what happens. Anyone can do that. Finally, as destination wedding videographer Dubai, we’re going to capture your story and deliver a handmade film that is unique to you and your love story. When you watch the film, you won’t just remember the day, you’ll relive it.


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